Brooch Magnet DIY

Brooch Magnet DIY

Hi there!  I’ve been working like a busy bee on projects, so here’s the first of many.  I’ve always loved vintage brooches; they’re so retro and fun.  However, I never wear them.  I don’t know why, I’ve just never tried it.  Anyway, I was looking at them a couple days ago, wondering what I could … Continue reading

What’s In My Bag?

I’ve seen this done on several other blogs, and I decided to do a quick post on the contents of my bag.  It’s a really small one.  I actually do not have my own camera (*gasp*), but when I get one – hopefully for my birthday this year – I’ll get a new, bigger bag … Continue reading


Recently, I went to Jamaica for on a work team.  While at the airport, I spotted this super retro telephone booth.  I think I died.  Those two colors together are sooo awesome! Next week, I’ll be posting some DIYs.  I’m super excited.  xo, Ella

Giveaway at One Sheepish Girl

Hello everyone!  Just a quick note to say I’ve spotted a giveaway!  haha.  Meredith over at One Sheepish Girl is hosting a giveaway from Meghann Rader’s etsy shop.  She has beautiful, unique brooches and necklaces.  To enter the giveaway, just head on over to Meredith’s blog (at the bottom of this page as well) and find … Continue reading

Etsy Favorites: Retro Edition

Today I’m looking through some of my favorite Etsy items.  I’m selecting the more retro/vintage ones; I’m really into that stuff right now.  I hope you enjoy! Wow, what a fun post!  I love all these items.  You can click on them to take you to their locations in shops on Etsy.  I can’t get … Continue reading

My Style

This blog is a place to refine my style, share what I love on Etsy, and explore eclectic fashion.  Now you must realize that I am not an “on trend” dresser.  I love layering, vintage and look-like vintage clothes.  I really, really, really love Elsie Larson’s blog: A Beautiful Mess; she’s awesome.  And, last but … Continue reading