Brooch Magnet DIY

Hi there!  I’ve been working like a busy bee on projects, so here’s the first of many.  I’ve always loved vintage brooches; they’re so retro and fun.  However, I never wear them.  I don’t know why, I’ve just never tried it.  Anyway, I was looking at them a couple days ago, wondering what I could do with them, when an idea popped into my head.  Magnets!  Here’s the system I used.  Hopefully it’ll make sense! 🙂

Supplies Needed: Brooches, Pliers, Super Glue & Magnet

Using the pliers, pull off the pin part of the brooch on the back. Try to make the area as smooth as possible so that the magnet can sit flat.

Then smear super glue on the magnet and stick it to the back of the brooch. Hold for 10 seconds or so to dry.

For a couple of my brooches, I had to glue felt to the backs before the magnet so that it would adhere properly.  Once the felt is dry, glue on the magnet.

Let dry and then use!


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